Our message to entrepreneurs

You’re building an exciting software business.  After years of effort and plenty of ups and downs, you and your team have built a great product that your customers love.  You are proud of your culture and your team.

Now you wake up every day thinking about new challenges – recruiting great new team members, improving your sales approach and accelerating growth.  You’re approaching a crossroads.  You’re considering taking on an investment partner, but you have a lot of questions. Who will share your passion for what you’re building? Who will be a cultural fit with you and your team? Who has the experience to help you deliver on your vision?

We founded Resolve to partner with entrepreneurs like you at exactly this stage of your company’s growth.  Our mutual long-term success will be measured by how well we engage and innovate together, through financial outcomes, and by ensuring our journey together is fulfilling. For that, we hold ourselves accountable (and, want you to hold us accountable) to the following principles:


  • Honesty

    • Authenticity and transparency at all times

    • Willingness to constructively challenge each other

    • Build trust and respect through our time in the trenches together

  • Hunger

    • Relentless drive to make your business even more successful

    • Speed of responsiveness and decision-making

    • Grit and resilience

  • Humility

    • Egos checked at the front door

    • Self-awareness and ability to acknowledge our limitations

    • Growth mindset and orientation towards continuous improvement


We seek to partner with entrepreneurs who share the standards we set for ourselves. If our approach resonates with you, let’s go build something great together.